The arty Party team of creatives

Apparently we had reached a great height in the atmosphere that time for the sky was a dead black, and the stars were rushing down.


Julia has many years of experience in creative arts, education, community project and social care management. She has worked with Arty Party since 2008, and she is also a poet, editor, and publisher. "Change is inevitable, Flexibility finds a way."

Julia Dean-Richards
Arty Party Chair of Trustees and Voluntary Manager

My name is Gemima and I run the Movie Music and Movement group! Together we explore different music from movies and musicals and learn to sing these songs and create moves to express the words. We also do exercises with rhythm, create our own instruments and are currently working on our own musical song! I love singing and playing all types of musical instruments. I also collect hippos and love to cook! “Just keep singing”

Movie Music Teacher and Movement Group Leader

A favourite quote for me is: If you can be anything, be kind My favourite music : My two all time favourite albums are: Tapestry by Carol King, and the title Tapestry is my favourite song of all time The other album is Blue by Joni Mitchell. " iconic, powerful and amazing artists who have stood the test of time I love to dance to Motown until my legs won't move anymore!!!!

Andrea Pope-Smith
Visual & Crafty Crafters and The Tall Tale Tellers Leader

Naomi has a good many years of experience in creative arts, Arts development involving community projects, funding applications and evaluations and has also worked in local Social care day services management and facilitation. She has worked with Arty Party since 2020 and she is also a ceramic artist.

Naomi Middleton
Arty Party Arts activities coordinator and lead artist

Quote is .no mud no lotus. I assist at Story Makers and volunteer at Telling tall Tales.

Catrin Barrett
Story Makers Assistant & Volunteer

Quote: "Treat others the way you wish to be treated" Favorite Fish: Clown Fish Favourite Artist: The Spice Girls/ Banksy (Depending on what kind of Artist you meant). Favourite Song: Bittersweet Symphany By The Verve What group do you teach for Arty Party: Boundless Key themes of group: Dance and Drama Social Media: N/A

Poppy Mansfield
Boundless Teacher and Dance & Drama Assistant

'Creativity is for all, creativity is everywhere' Thank you. Jamila

Jamila Walker
Visual Artist (Community and Exhibiting) and Arty Party Media Support

I am Val, and I support Arty Party’s amazing clay/sculpture group every Friday at Ketley Community Centre. It’s fun, and I’m always blown away by the talents of all members Val🦆

Clay and Sculpture Assistant

My favourite phrase or meaningful ditty is 'Everything that matters, takes time.' My nickname, which I like and should use more is Jean Bean, or Jeannie Beannie, depending on where I am and who I'm with. I don't do hashtags and don't really want to start now. I like green and blue, trees, fairness and justice. I love Blue in Green by Miles Davis, the brilliant title for a song to boot! I also really like Jackson Browne and Neil Young

Jean Mills
Carnival Crew craft sessions for Arty Party

I run the Arty Party Blue Cat band, where we write and perform our own original songs and sometimes do a cover song or two. Feel free to link to my FB.. still not on any others! Favourite quote: ‘Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of the earth, overlying our hard hearts’ Charles Dickens.

Arty Party Blue Cat Band Manager